Man’s Personality by His Car

Tuesday, September 20, 2011 | 2024 Views

Did you know every individual has a different way when choosing the ideal car. Cars for owners could be to increase the prestige of the neighborhood.

But believe it or not, the car described the personality of consumers. One example of the male consumer who uses sports cars such as Ferrari, where the car is to show if he was sporty, or also the car is to show if he is rich.

Man's PersonalityFactors that make people think when they wanted to buy a dream car. Well from some reason, there must be a self-assessment in terms of consumer behavior. And believe it or not, as quoted from The Stir, consumer behavior clearly illustrated when he decided to buy a dream car. Bad traits to look out for the female partner.

Here are seven cars that describes the Personality of male consumers:

1. SUVs: the owner of a car with a Hummer, Escalade never think if fuel would run out someday, and never thought about the environmental conditions. Not just talking to you, the owner will probably steal your dog. Car owners are preoccupied with their daily life as to not think about home.

2. Honda Civic: Car owners were very practical kind, affectionate and intelligent. He may be a graduate student or a father who likes to play good ball. He is an angel who descended to earth who is perfect daam everything. He is a keeper.

3. Minivan: This person is almost certain to get married. If he meets you, he is definitely cheating. No single men who want to be caught in the wrong car.

4. BMW, Lexus, Infiniti: The owner of this car with the dodged clever tricks like saying that if he is one real estate agent. To prove, he was willing to show some busy work. This person will not really serious on you. If men who like the car, he was also often a massage parlor with a number of male owners of Hummer cars.

5. Pickup: If he’s driving a car, be careful he is a strange and excessive if it did something. Maybe she would say staying in the old house but she will impose her partner as a queen. Bad if he was angry and sambul hold objects, he horrible and should be stopped.

6. Toyota Prius: Still looks like a caring environment, there are myths that mention the rider Toyota Prius reportedly have problems with premature ejaculation. They tend to be dirty and likes to laze around.

7. Subaru: For this one owner great guy and rough against his female partner. The owner liked the sport of skiing and other types of skating sports. And her partner off guard, it is not possible be the butt to vent emotions male characters who like the car. We recommend that you (women) left the man.

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