2013 Porsche Cayman 2012 LA Auto Show

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Towards a main event LA Auto Show 2012, Porsche announced that it will introduce a new compact sports car. Several automotive media predicted that the German manufacturer will display its latest line-up. TPI forecasts began to doubt when a person via his Instagram account published a spy photo shoot a Porsche coupe that has a dimension not much different from Cayman.

2013 Porsche Cayman yellow and whiteSince then many people who proclaim that the latest generation Porsche Cayman will introduce in this annual car show. And it proved to be true when the manufacturer under the auspices of the VW Group was officially showcase the third generation Cayman to reporters.

Porsche promises that the present two-door car is lighter, nimbler, lower, longer, more efficient, and certainly more powerful than the previous generation. In addition, with a wheelbase that is longer, wider dimensions of the car, and the use of larger tires effect on improving the performance of the wheel while driving.

The new Cayman is built on the basis of the latest generation Boxster. No wonder if the car is sometimes referred to as a coupe version of the Boxster. In terms of appearance the two cars look similar to each other, especially on the main lamp design that looks modern and also forms the hood.

2013 Porsche Cayman on streetBut when we examine more actually there is little difference between the Boxster and Cayman. As Cayman having only conventional fog lamps without the presence of LED Daytime Running Lights. Besides Porsche designers also redesigned the front bumper, front fascia which now form a trapezoid, and the roofline more tidy.

This two-door car has a tire size of the two options, namely the 18-inch and 19-inch rims with a wide selection of patterns to choose from. For Porsche rear bumper just redesigning parts only and the presence of a distinctive sloping roofline coupe. The rest of this section looks exactly the same with the new Boxster.

Meanwhile, for new Cayman’s interior has a design similar to the Boxster. But the Porsche enhance the quality of materials and man-made as well as more storage and bigger. For storage space capacity increased by 15 liters compared to the previous generation, to 425 liters.

2013 Porsche Cayman Back ViewBeneath the hood there is a mechanical heart plucked from the Boxster with a capacity of 2700 cc 6 cylinder inline engine. Power generated by the engine is 275 hp.

To performance Porsche claims that the car is capable of reaching speeds of 100 km / h in 5.4 seconds and the maximum speed is 266 km / h.

To Cayman S dimodali an inline 6-cylinder engine with a capacity of 3400 cc that is capable of spraying power 325 hp. This machine is capable of reaching speed 100 km / h from silent in 4.7 seconds and has a maximum speed of up to 283 km / h.

Both engines are offered relying 6-speed manual transmission as standard. While the PDK double-clutch transmission with 7-speed is offered as optional.

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