2013 Ferrari 599 GTB Owned Cristiano Ronaldo Sale

Sunday, December 2, 2012 | 582 Views

French, Ferrari Used Cars Collision Cristiano Ronaldo sale on Ebay. For you fans of Manchester United, Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo who aspire to own a car supercar former ronaldo may soon materialized. Because cars Ferrari 599 GTB owned by Cristiano Ronaldo appeared on Ebay buying and selling websites.

Ferrari 599 GTB Owned Cristiano RonaldoBut unfortunately the vehicle was damaged pretty badly setetelah destroyed his left inner wheel from hitting a road divider in the tunnel at last december in 2008.

At that time the Real Madrid superstar was about to leave for training while still defending the red devil. Do not know anything about why this supercar car could hit a road divider in the tunnel. Probably not versed menggocek ronaldo car racing in the streets. Ronaldo was lucky not seriously injured due to the incident and can go on to practice with his friends in manchester united.

As a result of the collision the front left tire parts falling apart. The single accident was torn so the news in Britain at the time. Rather than give up driving a sports car, now Cristiano Ronaldo is the latest collection Lambhorgini Aventador.

For those of you who want to have a used car is cristiano ronaldo please go to Ebay. And there the price offered 50,000 Euro. Do you want to buy and fix it?

Brand: ferrari

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